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i had this TV for 7 months it was a gift. Out of the box this is so disappointing Add comment


Yes same problem tv will not turn on , when it first starting happening I took it as nothing but then every day I came in from work same thing tv will not turn on, remote doesn't work either I stood in push the off on button til it finally comes on, next day same thing all over then I was just leaving the TV on let it burn it plays good nice picture, then one morning my hand hit the remote the... Read more

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ILastedl not recommend element televisions. we bought two and both of them lasted a few years, 3 years as a matter of fact. we encounter the same problem with both of them, the screen went black so we had no video but we did have audio. The cost was about 279$ which was not happening because the TV was no longer worth that much Again , steer clear spend a little bit of extra money for a better TV... Read more

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The 32" T.V. started randomly not turning on a couple months ago. If we unplugged it for about 30 seconds, it would turn on. Then we had to unplug it for longer amounts of time, until it now no longer turns on at all. Element told us because we didn't buy the extended warranty, it is our responsibility to take to a repair shop. If it's over a year old, it's not covered under the manufacturer's... Read more

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We purchased a 50inch TV on Black Friday from Target November on 2013. My wife stood out there for over 8 hours. We were watching Tv and the picture went out. I called Target Tech Support and the man said never buy a Tv on Black Friday because they rush them to get out for holidays your better off buying one in April. He said the warranty was covered from Element. We called Element and they said... Read more

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I bought an Element 19" TV back in March '14, watched it for 2 months, and then put it in a climate controlled, indoor storage for 4 months. When I set the television back up, it kept turning itself off. It took me a couple of days to realize this happened when ever the volume was above 12 or something loud happened on the show; the spike in volume was shutting off. I called Element who... Read more

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Have a element less than 1 year old built Sept 13 it is now Sept 14 pic. Went out element says 1 year warranty on box but noooooo not when you have no picture not covered Add comment

Bought an element tv 50-55 inch for my dad for Christmas 4-5 years ago. They started using it a lot within the past year & it literally exploded & smoke came out of it. Piece I *** Add comment


We bought a refurbished element 40" television from wal-mart. All was well with it until just one week shy of having the piece of junk for a year, it starts shutting off by itself. Element would have nothing to do with us, not even help us trouble shoot the *** thing because it was refurbished. Walmart only had a 90 day warranty for the t.v. Now we have wasted 250+ dollars! I'm pissed. No one... Read more

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